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What to wear with a metallic skirt: 10 ways to look chic.


Metallics are glamorous but they can be tricky to pull off. It’s beautiful and can make you stand out. Metallic skirts are good because you can wear them all seasons for a unique look.

   They are suitable for evening events and special occasions.That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in the daytime. 

   Just tone it down to create the right effect. If you don’t know how to incorporate metallics into your wardrobe, a metallic skirt is a great way to do this.

   It doesn’t matter if it’s a pencil skirt, a mini skirt for a girl’s night out, a maxi skirt for formal occasions or a midi skirt for daytime.

  If you want to figure out ways to rock a metallic skirt, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled some ideas on how to wear a metallic skirt and look chic every time.

So what can you wear with a Metallic Skirt?

 A black fitted polo neck.


  I love black. It goes with everything including metallics.They will allow you to wear your metallic skirt with all your statement pieces.

  Wear a belt to cinch your waist. You can dress it down with flat sandals or dress it up with a pair of high heels and a clutch bag.

 A white button-up shirt.

   White is a classic colour. You can’t go wrong with it if you don’t know what to wear with a Metallic Skirt.

  Metallics are bright. You can’t go wrong with the colour white.Depending on the style of the skirt, the shirt adjusts to suit.

  For example, you can tuck into your shirt in a pencil skirt or maxi skirt for a sleek look.

  You can also leave it loose and accentuate your silhouette with a narrow belt to prevent your outfit from looking sloppy.

  Jeans Shirt.

Speaking of a metallic skirt, pairing it with a jeans shirt will create the perfect look for a girl’s night out in summer.

  Jeans and shirts compliment most skin tones. Wear this outfit by tucking it in the metallic skirt. You can rock this outfit with a chunky necklace and bracelets. 

   This look works best with a high-waisted gold fitted skirt and will make you look lean.

 Orange Oversized Cardigan.

  For an elegant look, you can wear an orange oversized cardigan with a silver metallic skirt. Orange goes well with silver. No one can go wrong with this look.

 Team it with black shoes and a bag. It looks great for attending events like Christmas parties, office parties etc.

  Pink Camisole.

  I love this look. Pink is a feminine colour that pairs well with metallics, especially Gold. Pink is a universal colour that compliments all skin tones.

   So, wear a pink camisole with a gold or silver skirt to create that magical effect.  If you want to pair it with a silver skirt, pair it with a light pink camisole.

 Purple Crop Top.

  Here is a tip, wear a purple crop top with a high-waisted metallic maxi skirt.It will make you look long and lean.

  Finally, wear a pair of silver sandals and a clutch bag to look more stylish.

 Metallic Blazer.


  You can go the monochrome route by pairing your metallic skirt with a metallic blazer. It will make you look smart if you wear a dark-coloured shirt or turtle neck with the blazer.

  Wear it with black tights, high heels, and a black bag. It is suitable for office wear. Wear minimal accessories to avoid looking too flashy.

 White T-SHIRT.

  We know that metallic skirts don’t come to your mind with casual wear. However, you can make them look casual.One way to do that is by pairing it with a white t-shirt and ankle boots.

  Wear a statement necklace to make your outfit pop.

 Flowy Print Blouse.

  If you love the boho chic look, you can get the look by teaming a metallic skirt with a flowy print blouse.

 Tuck in the blouse and wear a narrow belt and sandals for a more relaxed and Bohemian vibe.

 Sheer Champagne Top.

 Want to look elegant? Team a sheer top with a gold or silver metallic skirt.

 Wear the blouse unbuttoned with a camisole or tie it at the waist to create a layered effect.Accessorize with a layered necklace and bracelets for a trendy look.

 Wrap the top with V-Neckline.

   I love wrap tops. They are flattering on most body types and are versatile. They pair with most types of skirts.

  Wear a wrap top with any metallic colour. Tie it at the side or back to accentuate your waist.

   Always wear minimal jewellery so that the focus stays on the outfit.

  Leather jacket.

   Here is another item you can wear with your metallic skirt. I love this look because it has an edgy vibe to it.

    Wear a leather jacket, metallic skirt and any top of your choice. You are good to go.

 Pastel-coloured collared blouse.

    If you have a preppy style, you can incorporate a metallic skirt into your wardrobe. Just pair it with a pastel-coloured collared button-down shirt. Wear skinny belts, oxford shoes and pearls. 

  Don’t forget to carry a structured handbag to finish the look.

 Off- Shoulder Top.

  Here is another item you can pair with it. Wear it with a metallic skirt to create a sexy look.  It will look beautiful with a flared skirt and strappy heels.It’s suitable for weddings, parties and evening events.

  What accessories can you wear with a metallic skirt?

   A metallic skirt is a striking fashion item.To make your metallic skirt pop, consider adding these statement pieces to your wardrobe:

• Belts

• Bracelets or Bangles.

• Dark tights.

• Layered necklaces.

• Clutch or handbag.

• Necklaces.

 Remember, you should find the key to balancing your metallic skirt and the accessories.

  Don’t wear all of them at the same time.If you do, you will end up looking like a Christmas tree. That’s not attractive.

  Choose a few pieces that resonate with your style and the occasion.

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  1. Courtney says:

    I love the look with a black fitted shirt! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    1. You’re Welcome. You should consider trying it too.

      1. Beautifully Written Article Esther ❤️❤️

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing🤗

    1. You’re welcome.

  3. lots of great options!! I love a metallic look 🙂

  4. Tracy McHugh says:

    I am not usually a skirt person, but that metallic skirt is amazing!

  5. I think black is my favourite combination with a metallic clothing item closely followed by the white button up shirt. Both of those I think would look really classy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome.

  6. These look amazing, love the color combination and everything about it. Thank you for sharing!

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