11 Beautiful Swimsuits to balance out a short torso.

11 beautiful swimsuits to balance out a short torso and elongate legs.

11 Beautiful Swimsuits to balance out a short torso.

 From one short torso gal to another, I know how you feel. Especially when you try on different swimsuits and nothing seems to fit. You also can’t figure out why.

 There are also many swimsuit brands in the market. However, not all of them complement short-waisted ladies.

  If it’s difficult to find swimsuits that look good if you have a short torso, check out these eleven beautiful swimsuits for gals with a short torso.

So, what are the 11 Beautiful swimsuits to balance out a short torso and long legs?

1. Swimsuits with vertical lines.

  Swimsuits with vertical lines are the best style for ladies with a short torso and long legs. The vertical lines create a continuous line that runs down your body. It will make your waist look longer and narrower. It also elongates the body and can make you look taller.

 I prefer the swimsuits with thinner stripes because they have a more slimming effect than those with fatter stripes. However, try them out. They may look good on you.

2. Halter Neck Top Swimsuit.

  Halter Neck swimsuit for gals with a short waist. They draw attention away from your torso and to your neck and shoulders. You can also rock them if you have a big bust because they have great, good bust support.

 Halter neck top swimsuits are versatile. You can choose between a one-piece or bikini style, so you don’t have to worry about which one will fit you better.

3. One Shoulder Swimsuit.

 Go bold in a one-piece swimsuit. I love wearing this swimsuit because it draws attention to my neck and collarbones. People notice that instead of my waist so, I look taller and leaner in it. 

 The neckline also breaks up any solid colour that would have made your torso look shorter. They come in various styles, so there are many options for you to choose from.

4. Swimsuits with Rutched details.

   Swimsuits with ruched details can make your torso look longer by creating vertical lines along your body.

 The ruched details draw attention away from your waist, so people won’t pay attention to that part of your body. Choose the ones with rutching around the middle for the best slimming and lengthening effect.

 5. One-piece swimsuits with cut-outs.

 One-piece swimsuits with cut-outs are great. They break up a your waist if they are in solid colour with the cut-outs at the sides.

 They are also a great choice because while a regular one-piece swimsuit extends to the hips, cut-outs show more skin at the sides and give the illusion of a smaller waist. They are sexy and make a simple one-piece swimsuit stand out.

 A note of caution: make sure you choose cut-outs placed slightly above your natural waistline for the best effect.

6. Tankini

11 Beautiful Swimsuits to balance out a short torso.

   Tankini tops work for short-waisted ladies because they are flexible and give you the choice of how much midriff you want to show.

 They create a break between your top and bottom. Tankini tops can help your waist look longer.

 Pairing your tankini tops with high-cut bottoms makes your legs look longer and draws attention to your lower body instead of your waist. You can try longer tankini tops for more coverage or shorter styles that are closer to your natural waist. The choice is yours.

7. Colour Block One-piece Swimsuit.

 The colour-blocking design is flattering on short-waisted gals. We love them because they are stylish and different colour blocks help break up your torso and make your silhouette more balanced.

 The darker colours at the sides and brighter colours at the centre draw your eyes upward and make your torso look longer. They also emphasize the smallest part of your waist and accentuate an hourglass shape.

Note: Make sure to choose swimsuits with darker colours on the side and brighter colours at the centre to create the illusion of a longer torso.

8. V-neck Swimsuit.

  V-neck swimsuits are guaranteed to draw your eyes downwards and elongate your neck and torso. V-neck bikinis are perfect if you are short waisted.

They are also a great option if you have broad shoulders or a big bust because they draw attention downward and give you a more balanced silhouette. They are versatile and flatter different body types.

 You can choose between narrower and deeper V-necks for a dramatic effect or wider shallower ones for a more modest look.

9. Plunging One-piece Swimsuit.

 A deep plunging neckline is super flattering on ladies with a short torso. The neckline creates a vertical line that makes your middle look longer. It also draws attention to your neck and bust which in turn will make you look longer and leaner.

10. String Bikini Bottoms.

  If you are looking for a bikini with an extra oomph, a string Bikini is your best friend if you are short-waisted.

 I love them because they make my waist look smaller. All I do is move the strings higher up my hips. I also like how versatile they are. They usually have fuller coverage but you can choose cheeky styles too.

11. High Cut Bikinis.

  High-cut bikinis are fantastic because they sit higher on the hip and make your legs look long. It will make people notice your beautiful legs, not your midsection which is great.

 High-cut bikinis have varying levels of coverage, so choose a cut that makes you feel sexy and confident.

Swimsuits to avoid.

1. Horizontal Stripes in a one-piece swimsuit. It has a shortening effect you don’t want.

2. Low-rise bottoms.

   They sit low on the hips and can draw attention to your shorter midsection, which you want to avoid.

3. Bandeau Tops.

  I hate this swimsuit. These tops hide your natural waist and don’t make your silhouette look balanced. Always choose swimsuits that have an elongating effect.

  So, have fun and rock your favourite swimsuits this summer.

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