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Finally! Spring Break is around the corner. We can take a break from endless classes, assignments and work and have an excuse for a getaway.

 You may be thinking about the outfits to wear and look chic regardless of the places you plan to visit and your activities. Don’t worry. We have curated a list of 13 spring break outfits for your week-long spring break that are chic for for every place and occasion.

  If you are ready to look sexy and enjoy your break, read on for the 13 spring break outfits you should pack for a week long spring break.

What are the 13 spring break outfits that you should pack?

• Fitted White T-shirt Cargo trousers with a jacket.

 A fitted white T-shirt paired with cargo trousers and a jacket is the perfect outdoor ensemble to wear at the beginning of your spring break. You can dress it up with a chunky necklace. A jacket is great for layering if the temperature changes during the day.

 It’s comfortable and pairs well with sneakers, ballet flats or sandals. It is suitable for strolling around town, chilling with friends or visiting museums.

• Floral Sundress.


 A floral sundress is an item you’ll want in your travelling bag for spring break. It’s a staple for going to the beach or chilling by the pool.  Don’t forget to pair it with a straw hat, sunglasses and sandals to give off holiday vibes.

• Shirt Dress.

 A shirt dress is another essential you can’t afford to forget when going for your spring break. A shirt dress will work for you year-round.

Dress it up by pairing it with a belt, heels and clutch for dinner in a fancy restaurant or down with flat leather sandals or white sneakers. You can even wear it over a bikini on the beach. The choice is yours. 

Maxi Dress.

 A maxi dress is another clothing essential that screams springtime. You can style it in various ways like layering pieces like a light cardigan when the weather gets colder or without it on warmer days. This ensemble is great for a beach day or strolling town.

• Graphic T-shirt, Denim shorts and a light jacket.

 Are you thinking of going sightseeing during your spring? Wear a graphic T-shirt with denim shorts and a light jacket.

 You can’t go wrong in this ensemble because it’s casual and practical. A jacket is great for cooler days and looks great with comfortable walking shoes like sneakers or sandals. It makes it ideal for sightseeing activities like hiking and having a casual brunch.

Maxi Skirt and Cropped Top.

 If you want to give off boho vibes this spring, you can’t go wrong with wearing a crop top and maxi skirt. This outfit has the perfect balance between looking elegant and laid back at the same time. 

 I love it because you can dress it up with accessories like bangles, necklaces, heels and a clutch or down with sneakers and a head scarf. You can wear it to the local market and attend a music festival.

High-waisted floral trousers and a pastel-coloured blouse.


 Flowers blooming is synonymous with spring. Why can’t we pay homage to spring during spring break? You can do it by wearing floral clothing. Start by wearing high-waisted floral trousers with a pastel-coloured blouse.

 These colours are bright and feminine. They’ll make you look stunning during your spring break. You can wear this when visiting a botanical garden, visiting a cosy café or for a picnic. You will blend in with the blossoms around you.



 A jumpsuit is another clothing item you can’t afford to forget when packing for your spring break. Jumpsuits are versatile. Pair it with the right accessories and you are good to go. Finish it with a crossbody bag, ankle boots and a fedora hat. 

 Print Tank Top and Linen Shorts.

 If the weather is hot and sunny, comfort should be the first thing on your mind when choosing an outfit. You will look chic and comfy in linen shorts and a print tank top. This outfit gives off fun and laid-back vibes. 

But wait! Don’t forget to carry a tote bag and wear flip-flops. This ensemble is great for the beach, a weekend market stroll or a low-key picnic in the park.

Boat neck striped top and striped wide-leg trousers.

 A boat neck striped top and striped wide-leg trousers are another outfit you should wear during your spring break.

  It gives off nautical vibes and you will feel like a sailor going on an adventure at sea. It is the best outfit to wear when you plan to spend your day near the water.

  This ensemble will look great for spending the afternoon at the marina watching boats sail by, having lunch at a seaside restaurant or on a coastal trip. Don’t forget to pair it with sneakers and a canvas tote for the perfect finish.

Wrap Dress.

Wrap Dress

  A wrap dress is another essential you need for your spring break. I love wrap dresses because they accentuate your waist and are comfortable.

 This wrap dress will make you look elegant. It is great for date nights in a restaurant. Finish it with block heel sandals, statement earrings and a clutch.

Oversized Cardigan and Leggings.

 Let’s assume you are tired from all the fun during your spring break. You want to chill at home but look chic at the same time. What should you wear? An oversized cardigan and leggings.

 This outfit will keep you warm and cosy and is perfect for chilling at home while sipping a cup of wine, reading a book or watching your favourite TV show. What more could you ask for?

White Button-down shirt and Boyfriend jeans.

 Do you want to make a statement on your holiday while looking laid back? Wear a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans with a crisp button-down white shirt.

  This ensemble is like a blank canvas. Dress it up by tucking your shirt in and pairing it with leather loafers for a casual but elegant look and down by leaving it untucked paired with sneakers or sandals. 

 This outfit is great for a casual coffee date or a low-key night out. So there you go. Here are some outfits to wear during your spring break to look chic.

 You can mix and match these pieces to create different outfits for your spring break. Have fun and tell me the outfit you liked best.

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  1. lovely outfits and great ideas

  2. Oh, I love your ideas! My birthday is coming up, and I`m going to ask my husband for spring-summer shopping. I`m in love with wrap and shirt dresses. Also, I want to try a jumpsuit this summer. Thank you for inspiration.

  3. Courtney says:

    These are great ideas! So excited to go shopping for new spring attire!

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