10 key pieces to create a stunning capsule wardrobe.
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10 Key Pieces To Create A Stunning Autumn Capsule Wardrobe.

10 Key Pieces To Create A Stunning Autumn Capsule Wardrobe.

I’m going to be frank. I hate shopping. Also, Autumn is already here. If you are like me and want to look chic this Autumn, you don’t have to change your wardrobe.
All you need are key clothing pieces you can add to build an Autumn capsule wardrobe that will make you look chic for years to come.

But what is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential clothing items that you can mix and match to create a variety of outfits.
They consist of versatile and timeless pieces. Neutral colours like white, grey, and dark blue make up the colours of the capsule wardrobe.
You can also include bright colours like red or yellow when creating an Autumn capsule wardrobe.

What should I include in my Autumn Capsule wardrobe?

To answer this question, ask yourself this question:

“What do I always wear that can work for multiple scenarios?”

For example, you can wear black trousers for many occasions ranging from work and date nights to running errands.

 So, select items for your wardrobe that you can wear regularly and see what to combine to create different outfits.

Secondly, determine what you will wear at the bottom. It should consist of three clothing items: two trousers and one shirt.

Thirdly, move on to your tops.

  They will make up the bulk of your wardrobe. Think about how you will pair them with your trousers/ skirts, layering them with each other and how they will be suitable for various occasions.

  Don’t forget your shoes and accessories. You can use them to dress up or down your outfit, so choose them wisely.

  Another thing to also consider is the weather. That will determine what clothes to wear too.Now let’s see the ten key pieces you need to create a stunning Autumn capsule wardrobe.

What are the ten key pieces to create a stunning Autumn Capsule wardrobe?

• Black trousers

• Turtleneck Cardigan

• White button-down shirt.

• Sweater Dress

• Blazer

• Jeans

• Jumpsuits

• Midi Skirts

• Leather Jacket

• Trench Coat

Black Trousers.

 No wardrobe is complete without a pair of black trousers. They are a versatile essential because you can wear them with different tops. You can even wear them for various events. That is great.

• Turtleneck Cardigan.

 A turtleneck cardigan like a black one is an Autumn capsule essential you need. It’s versatile and pairs with almost all clothing items ranging from blue jeans to a midi skirt.

  Take inspiration from Zendaya who wore a black turtleneck to the US OPEN with a trimmed floral silk skirt.

  Also, wear it with blue or white jeans and ballet flats to run errands around town. Also, pair it with a fitted pencil skirt and heels for date nights.

• White button-down shirt.

  You can’t go wrong with a white button-down shirt. White shirts make you look chic every time. You can pair it with different bottoms to create any look you want.

  Tuck it in, knot it or leave it loose. The choice is yours. They will also keep you warm on cooler evenings. Have fun with it.

• Sweater Dress.

  If you already have a sweater dress, that’s good. You can wear it for different occasions. It works well with various accessories. 

  You can pair it with white sneakers for a casual vibe or with heels for a glamorous effect.Also, try out a long-sleeved dress for cooler nights or a sleeveless one when the weather is warmer.

• Blazer.

  Do you want to look chic all autumn? Wear a good blazer. It should be a staple in your wardrobe because you can use it to create multiple outfits.

  You can pair it with jeans and a tank top, a midi or maxi skirt or a jumpsuit.

• Jeans.

  Here is another item to add to your autumn capsule wardrobe. I love bootcut jeans with a little stretch for the perfect fit. You can wear whatever style of jeans you like.

  You can dress up jeans to achieve a sophisticated look or dress down for a relaxed vibe.

• Jumpsuits.

  Want to add an edgy feel to your autumn capsule wardrobe? Add a jumpsuit to it.Wear it with a blazer as mentioned earlier for a polished and professional look or without the jacket for the oomph factor.

 Pair it with ballerina flats or sandals for a stroll around town or heels. It is an Autumn capsule wardrobe classic.

• Midi Skirts.

  Midi Skirts are a classic you can add to your autumn wardrobe. Midi skirts cover you up and give you the chance to enjoy the crisp autumn air.

  Choose from different styles ranging from the wrap, A-lines and more. Make sure it suits your body shape.Try pairing it with chunky sweaters, jeans jackets or a simple T-shirt.

 Midi Skirts are easy to dress up or down depending on the right accessories. Wear it with a chunky necklace and heels for an elegant look.

• Leather Jacket.

  A leather jacket is an essential to a capsule wardrobe, regardless of the season. It can elevate your style and add an edgy look to your outfits.

  It looks good on a wide range of outfits from maxi dresses to casual jeans and tank tops. They are great and keep you warm during those chilly autumn evenings. 

  They come in different colours so choose a colour that suits your style and the rest of your wardrobe. Wear them over your turtleneck, shirts and even scarves.

• A Trench Coat.

   I love trench coats. They have a timeless and chic aesthetic that elevates your look.It’s a good idea to invest in one because of its structured silhouette that makes you look polished in any outfit.

Wear them over casual outfits like jeans and T-shirts for everyday outings or with skirts, jumpsuits or dresses and heels for formal occasions.

  You can choose a trench coat ranging from shorter styles that hit around the hip to longer ones as long as it fits your style.

  In addition to these ten key pieces, there are some accessories you can add to your autumn capsule wardrobe to spice up your outfits.Some accessories to add to your wardrobe are Scarves, Berets, Sneakers, Statement Jewellery and more.

  So there you go. Have fun building your autumn capsule wardrobe and conquer this season in style.

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