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9 Christmas Markets to Embrace the Holiday Spirit Globally.

9 Christmas Markets to Embrace the Holiday Spirit Globally.

I love Christmas. It’s that time of the year when you feel it in the air from Christmas cards, shops selling Christmas gifts and Christmas lights in the streets.

¬†¬†There is nothing as great as strolling through Christmas markets. It’s your chance to shop for gifts for your loved ones, enjoy traditional Christmas food and drink a cup of hot chocolate, depending on where you live.

  So, we will explore some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world worth visiting. Let’s find out.

What are the Top 9 Christmas markets to embrace the holiday spirit globally?

  •   Strasbourg Christmas Market, Germany
  • Hibiya Park Christmas Market, Tokoyo.
  • Toronto Christmas Market, Canada.
  • Blaauwklippen Twilight Christmas Market, South Africa.
  • Cannery Christmas Market, Sydney.
  • Zagreb Christmas Market, Croatia.
  • Bath Christmas Market,
  • Piazza Santa Croce, Florence, Italy.

Strasbourg Christmas Market, Germany.

  Strasbourg Christmas market known as Christkindelsmarik is one of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe. It has been opening since 1570.

  It’s in Strasbourg cathedral and place, Klebra. If you are looking for unique gifts and foods, head to this market. It has become renowned for its French dishes like Crepe.

  The entire market gets transformed into an enchanting wonderland during Christmas time. They decorate the streets with festive glands and lights. 

You can also buy other types of food like Alsatian specialties, local craft beer, mulled beer, foie gras and Christmas biscuits. Some stalls sell unique items like Christmas ceramics, utensils, figurines, ornaments and more.

  No wonder it attracts over two million people a year.

Hibiya Park Christmas Market.

   If you are in Asia and looking for a Christmas market reminiscent of the ones in Europe? Check out the Hibiya Christmas market.

  The German Embassy supported the event, giving attendees a taste of European things to see and do here. You will see a three-story Christmas pyramid and a large Christmas tree shipped from Germany.     

  There are food stalls selling German delicacies like beef slices, sausages, wine and hot chocolate. You will also find shops selling trinkets, Christmas decorations and toys.

  Entry into the market is not free. You have to book your tickets online and come only at the time you choose.

Toronto Christmas Market.

 Are you looking for a Christmas holiday experience in Toronto? Head over to the Toronto Christmas Market. It opens annually in the Distillery district.

  You will love its beautiful Christmas decorations, European-styled buildings and gigantic Christmas tree. You will feel as if you’re walking through one in Europe.

 It’s a great place to take pictures, visit Santa Claus and enjoy a hot drink during the winter.There are also many shops here selling decorations, trinkets and artisan products. Don’t forget to attend the tree lighting ceremony and watch live performances there. It’s fun.


 The market opens from the 16th of November to the 31st of December from noon to 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


 Blaauwklippen Twilight Christmas Market.

   Have you ever thought of exploring a Christmas market in a vineyard? You will get your chance in Blaauwklippen Twilight Christmas Market. This South African holds on the Blaauwklippen wine farm with vineyards and old farmhouses in the background. 

  The place transforms into a wonderland during this time of the year with lights, music and Christmas activities. The market has many shops that sell unique goods like toys, gift items, handbags, and sunglasses.

  There are also food stalls selling food that will get you in the Christmas spirit like biscuits, fruit cakes and more.

 This market is also family-friendly. There are many activities for kids here. Some of them are jumping castles, sand art and a motorbike train.

 Don’t forget to attend the carol night by the candle lights. It is held on the 18th of December annually. Get a chance to sing your favourite Christmas carols.


The market holds from 15th to 19th December. Entry into the market is free.

Cannery Christmas Market.

 Looking for a Christmas market where you can indulge in delicious food, listen to live music, buy unique gifts and see Santa? If yes Cannery Christmas Market checks off all the boxes. 

  There’s something for everyone. Foodies will have a blast here because of the many food stalls and restaurants. They serve different kinds of food and snacks. The builders constructed the market to be family-friendly.

 There are a lot of fun activities children can do here while you do your Christmas shopping. Some of them are jumping castles, craft activities and a gingerbread workshop.

 If you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones, you’re in the right place. The Christmas Market has many shops that sell unique jewellery, clothing, toys and more.  Don’t forget to take pictures of the Christmas tree and pose with Santa to capture memories. 

Entry into the market is free. It’s on at 61Mentmore Avenue, Roseberry, Sydney.

Zagreb Christmas Market.

  Imagine walking through a festive wonderland filled with twinkling lights, fairytale huts, live music and Christmas trees.

  You will find it all in the Zagreb Christmas Market. This award-winning market has a lot to offer. It spread throughout Zagreb city and has more than 25 markets that cater to different people.

  You will find a variety of products in the market ranging from jewellery and food to handmade goods that are ideal for Christmas gifts.

  There are also many activities to engage in if shopping is not your thing. Start by listening to live music in Zrinjevac Park, ski in its skating rink or check out its huts in the European square and take pictures of the live nativity scene in Kaptol.

 Also, visit the food stalls in the market and enjoy its regional cuisine like fritule( fried doughnuts), sausages, cabbage rolls and mulled beer. This is a place you should add to your bucket list.


 The market starts from December 2 to January 7th.

 You will find the market in various squares in the city.

Bath Christmas Market.

 What to see a Christmas market in a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over two hundred chalets and monuments? Here is your chance to see it in the Bath Christmas Market.

  It has everything you would look for in a Christmas market. You will find Georgian architecture here and numerous stalls that sell high-quality products like toys, ceramics, accessories, and gift and gift ornaments.

 It’s also a foodie’s paradise thanks to the variety of food stalls selling food and beverages from local producers. Try out delicacies like Roast turkey, Nut Roast and Christmas pudding. You will find restaurants serving Moroccan and Vietnamese cuisine to get in the festive spirit.

  There are other things to do in the Bath Christmas. Check out the Enchanted Garden of Light. Its beautiful lights and gardens transform it into a magical wonderland. Don’t miss it if you want a taste of Christmas magic. 

 Also, watch its choir and buskers performing Christmas carols.

  Don’t forget to visit its famous landmarks like the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey.

Piazza Santa Croce Christmas Market.

  If you are looking for an ancient Italian Christmas Market with a German twist, go to Piazza Santa Croce Christmas Market.

 It has been open for the past five hundred years.

  You will love its Christmas lights and architecture. Get ready to see wooden chalets decorated with twinkling lights. It will feel like you are standing in the middle of a German village in Italy.

 If you are a foodie, you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of shops that sell delicious German delicacies.

 Try out their potato pancakes, gingerbread biscuits, bratwurst and lebkuchen, a traditional German honey cake. Don’t forget to drink a hot cup of mulled wine while eating. 

 If you want to indulge in international snacks, you won’t be disappointed. Some booths sell delicious pastries here. You will find them in the Austrian booths.

 Looking for that special gift for your loved ones? This market is a paradise for shoppers looking for unique gifts. It has an array of products made by local artisans.

  You’ll find shops selling good quality gift items ranging from ceramics, winter clothing and souvenirs. 

 If shopping and eating isn’t your thing, you can chill out and listen to German music playing in the background or visit the old church in Santa Croce. It’s beautiful.

Address: Piazza di Santa Croce, Florence.


The market is open from 9 am to 8 pm daily.

 Are you looking for a traditional market with a rich history and a picturesque setting in the background? You will find it in the Dresden Christmas Market.

  This market is old and has been holding since 1434. It’s the oldest and most famous Christmas market in the world.

 It can boast wooden huts decorated with glittering lights and a 14.61-metre pyramid. There are many things to do here.

Dresden Christmas Market.

  Bask in its culture by indulging in traditional German treats. Food stalls sell delicious snacks in the market.

  Some savoury delicacies to enjoy are Stollen fruit bread, roasted almonds, grilled meat and brot with a cup of mulled wine(Gluhwein).

  Looking for a unique present for yourself or your family? You won’t be disappointed. You will be spoiled for choice here with the gift ideas and handicrafts.

  When you have finished shopping or want to have fun, sit and watch the live bands performing, sing Christmas carols with their singers and watch street performances. Don’t forget to take pictures of the Wooden Smoking Men who breathe incense and Nutcracker soldiers.

So check out these Christmas markets here. Let us know what other Christmas markets are out there and your experiences.

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