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12 Exciting Things to Do And See in Bariloche.

12 Exciting Things to Do And See in Bariloche

If Alpine-styled landscapes, pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes, lush green forests and chocolate are your thing, Bariloche should be on your bucket list. I have listed the 12 exciting things to do and see in Bariloche. Let’s find out!

Where is Bariloche?

This beautiful south american city known as the country’s capital of chocolate is on the foothills of the Andes in the province of Rio Negro, Argentina.

If you want to experience a South American holiday, pack your bags and let’s explore the most exciting things to see and do in Bariloche. You will be left spellbound.

What are the 12 Exciting Things To Do And See In Bariloche?

  • Bosque Petrificado
  • Puta de los Sieste Lagos.
  • Chocolate Shops.
  • Alphine Architecture
  • Patagonia Wilderness. 
  • Lake Nahuel Huapi and its islands.
  •  Bariloche Beaches.

Bosque Petrificado.

  Bosqu Petrificado known as the Petrified Forests in English are a unique place to explore in Bariloche. It is within the Nahuel Huapi National Park in Patagonia.
  Nature lovers can bask in the splendour nature has to offer here. This prehistoric forest dates back 150 million years when multiple volcanic eruptions occurred and lava ash turned the ancient trees into stone.
  It gives them a hauntingly beautiful appearance. You can stroll around the forest and be amazed by the natural beauty and history of Bosque Petrificado.

Ruta de los Sieste Lagos.

  If you love beautiful scenery, fishing or picnics, head to Ruta de Los Siete Lagos. It is known as the Seven Lakes in English and is one of the most beautiful places in Bariloche.ta

  Its location starts from San Martin de Los Andes to Valla de Angostura.The views are amazing. You can stop at one of the lakes to relax and have a picnic.

 Don’t forget your camera because you will see stunning landscapes to photograph. Rent a car or bike through the route. The choice is yours.

Chocolate Shops.

 Who doesn’t like the taste of chocolate? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. After all, Bariloche is the chocolate capital of Argentina. European immigrants brought chocolate to Bariloche in the early 20th century.

 The area became famous for its high-quality chocolates. Visit its wide array of chocolate boutiques like Reino de Los Chocotes to Havana and more. Some chocolate boutiques even open their kitchens where you can watch how they make chocolate.

Others offer tasting experiences where you can taste different types of chocolate. Don’t forget to buy beautifully packaged chocolate as gifts for your loved ones.

Alphine Architecture. 

Alphine Architecture, Bariloche
Alphine Architecture, Bariloche

If you love European architecture, you will see it in Bariloche. You will get teleported back to Switzerland due to its alpine architecture.

  You will Swiss-inspired cabins and chocolate box-style cabins. Also, visit Centro Civico in the town. It’s a historical landmark that dates back to the 1940s.

  It includes a library, restaurants, cafes, a museum, shops and a former post office. The surroundings are also reminiscent of the Alphes in Europe. Take a walking tour of the city and get immersed in the history of Bariloche.

5. Patagonia Wilderness.

 This region is known for its wild beauty and rugged landscapes with grasslands, pristine lakes, glaciers and temperate rainforests. Trek through its national parks like “Tierra de Fuego National Park, Nahuel Huapi National Park and others.

 Do you love adrenaline? Go mountain climbing in the region in places like Cerro Terro, Cerro Fitz Roy and more. Also, go Kayaking in its lakes, skiing around the slopes at its ski resort like Cerro Chapelco and more.

6. Lake Nahuel Huapi and its islands.

 Lake Nahuel Huapi is amazing. It is in Nahuel Huapi national park in the Rio Negro province. The lake has azure waters filled with different fishes and stunning beaches. Several islands have unique attractions. Some of the islands to explore are:

 • Isla Victoria.

  It’s the largest island on the lake. It can boast a variety of plants and animals. Walk through its forest like the Bosque de Arrayanes. It has red-backed trees.

• Isla Huemel.

  Here’s another island that is renowned for its unspoiled landscape. Although it’s a smaller island, you will get the chance to engage in birdwatching here.

 Isla de la Gallinas.

   If you like fishing and canoeing, go to this island. Its calm waters are ideal for various water activities. Its stunning surroundings make it a great place to relax and stay in nature.

 Isla Centinela.

  It is another island worth exploring. Victoria Ocampo famous Argentinian writer, owned a house on the island. It’s now a museum. Visit it to see some of her work.

 The island has gardens to stroll in and take pictures. You can take boat tours and explore other islands on the lake.

Cerro Tronador.

 This majestic mountain is another good place to visit in Bariloche. Cerro Tronador means Thundering mountain in English along the Chilean and Argentinian border.

  It’s an extinct volcano famous for its glaciers like Ventisquero Negro ( Black Glacier), Ventisquero Alerce and Ventisquero Manso and more.

  The region has breathtaking views and forests that make it a trekking paradise. Don’t forget to check out Refugio Otto Meiling, a mountain hut that is a popular destination for mountaineers.


 Bariloche Beaches.

  If swimming, kayaking and beach activities are your thing, hit Bariloche’s beaches. They are spectacular and cater to everyone’s tastes from singles to families.

   Along the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, you will find many of them. Some activities to engage on the beaches are swimming, kite surfing, volleyball and canoeing.

  They also have stunning views, crystal clear waters and restaurants that serve good food. However, the water can be chilly compared to other tropical beaches due to their glacial origins.

  Some Bariloche beaches to check out are Playa Bonita, Playa Serena, Playa Villa Tacul, Playa Melipal and more.

Volcan Malacara.

  Have you ever dreamt of being in a volcano? Your dreams will come true in Volcan Malacra. This active volcano is in Calle Forten Maralague Este Km 36, Maralague, MS 1313VA, Argentina.

  If you love adrenaline and want to burn calories, take a tour around the volcano. It has larva rock formations that are stunning. Enviromental elements gave them their unique shape. Don’t miss it.

Bariloche’s Breweries.

  If you are a fan of beer, you will love Bariloche. You can’t walk more than 20 yards in the centre of the town without seeing a brewery. Beer has been brewed here for a long time thanks to its residents of European descent.

  They serve different types of beers along with delicious food. Some breweries even arrange beer tastings for visitors. Don’t forget to try some of the local cuisine too.

Valle Encantado.

  If you have an active imagination, go to Valle Encantado. Valle Encantado means Enchanted Valley is located 40 miles north of Bariloche on the banks of the Limay River.

  Wind and rain erosion caused the dramatic rock formations that made the valley famous. You can start by exploring its ancient caves and mountain biking and take pictures of its scenic views. You may see a castle or lion carved in the rocks.

Termas de la Virgen.

 If you have never seen or visited hot springs, you are lucky. You will get the chance to see them in Bariloche.

  Termas de la Virgen also known as “Hot Springs of the Virgin is another hot spot worth visiting. It’s located on Ruta 40, Nacional km 20224, San Carlos de Bariloche.

  The springs are stunning and their surroundings provide a peaceful setting for visitors. The water comes from an underground spring and is rich in minerals. Unwind in its thermal waters that are known for their therapeutic benefits. You can walk through the forest to connect with Mother Nature.

What is the best time to visit Bariloche?

  There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on the activities you want to engage in and your preferences.  If you like bright sunshine and warm weather, visit Bariloche from December to February.

   That’s summertime there. It’s also the peak season in Bariloche. Tourists flock here at this time. The best activities to engage in at this time of the year are mountain biking, fishing and trekking.

  If you want to avoid crowds and won’t get better deals on accommodation and flight prices, visit Bariloche from March to November. It’s Autumn time and most of the tourists would have left.  It’s a great time to enjoy strolling in the woods and the autumn landscape.

  If you like skiing and snowboarding, visit Bariloche from June to August. It is winter season during those months there.

What languages are spoken by the local and service providers in Bariloche?

  Spanish is the primary language spoken in Bariloche and the whole country. However, you may see service providers that can communicate with customers in English. 

  it’s a good idea to learn a few common Spanish phrases to help you get by and make your stay more enjoyable.

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